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Shine Tu
also called Oanh Tu

Is a J. Art Director/S. Creative-Designer based in Vietnam

Drawing from six years of experience serving a myriad of clients across diverse industries, Shine has cultivated a proficiency in crafting meticulously designed 2D products tailored to meet commercial and marketing objectives. With expertise in Graphic Design, Branding, Creative Art, and UI Design, she bring a comprehensive skill set to the table.

As an Art Director, Shine has led creative teams to push design boundaries and create impactful projects. She is now actively seeking opportunities to further refine her craft, tackle new challenges, and drive impactful contributions to the growth of a forward-thinking organization.

Currently available for freelance engagements, Shine stands ready to deliver exceptional design solutions that resonate locally in Vietnam and extend seamlessly to an international audience.

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Selected Clients





KMS Technology

247 Express


"In a world full of noise, let your design be heard."
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