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247 Express - Mascot Design


247 Express



Operating in the field of delivery since 2005, Hai Bon Bay Company - also known as 247Express - is a provider of comprehensive domestic and international delivery solutions, such as express delivery services, international delivery services, transportation services, etc. With the mission of becoming the leading postal and delivery service provider in Vietnam and internationally, 247Express is proud to offer customers QUALITY AND RELIABLE DELIVERY SERVICES. With affordable costs and optimized technology, as well as professional service style, it meets the comprehensive needs of all customers.

I have designed the mascot for the brand as a chibi shipper. This mascot could help the brand to establish a memorable visual identity, and could also convey a friendly, approachable image to customers. A well-designed mascot can be a powerful tool for creating brand recognition and loyalty, and can help to differentiate a company from its competitors.

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