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Embracing a New Journey: Learning Languages



Embarking on a new journey to become fluent in English has been a transformative experience for me. It all began when I made the decision to enroll in the renowned "Wall Street English" center, eager to enhance my language skills and open up better career opportunities. Little did I know that this endeavor would ignite a passion for learning that would shape my future in unexpected ways. Inspired by my talented older sister, who excels as an art director and is fluent in multiple languages, I was motivated to invest in my own growth and development. Despite the expensive cost of the program, I firmly believed that it was an investment worth making.

Dedication and Hard Work

Balancing my full-time job and overtime hours, I committed myself to learning English with unwavering determination. The days were long, but I eagerly attended classes at the "Wall Street English" center, immersing myself in the language and pushing myself to new limits. Beyond the center, I embraced self-study through a variety of language learning apps such as Duolingo, Elsa Speaking, Busuu, Memrise, and The Coach. Investing in premium versions of these apps allowed me to unlock all the lessons and practice diligently during my free time.

Discovering a Love for Learning

Initially, my goal was simply to improve my language proficiency and enhance my job prospects. However, as I delved deeper into my studies, I realized that I had developed a genuine love for learning. The process of acquiring new vocabulary, honing my grammar skills, and improving my fluency became an exhilarating pursuit. Each day brought a renewed sense of excitement and a thirst for knowledge. I found inspiration in my sister's achievements, using her as a role model to propel me forward on my own language learning journey.

The Journey Ahead

The 10th of May, 2023 marked the beginning of this transformative chapter in my life. As I reflect on my progress and look towards the future, I am filled with optimism and determination. I believe that with consistent effort, dedication, and a growth mindset, I will achieve fluency in English and unlock countless opportunities. The journey may have just begun, but I am confident that one year from now, I will have achieved remarkable strides in my language proficiency.


Becoming fluent in English has been more than just a quest for better career prospects. It has become a personal journey of growth, self-discovery, and a deep love for learning. Through my investment in the "Wall Street English" center, as well as my commitment to self-study, I am laying the foundation for a brighter future. With each passing day, I am one step closer to realizing my dream of fluency and all the doors it will open. I am excited to see where this journey takes me and the incredible opportunities that await on the path to becoming fluent in English.

P/S: As my love for learning languages grew, I found myself exploring beyond English. In addition to the aforementioned language learning apps, I also ventured into studying Russian, Chinese, German, and more. The thrill of discovering new cultures through language became addictive. Upon completing my English courses, my next adventure awaits: immersing myself in the world of Russian or Chinese once again. Learning languages has become a lifelong pursuit, and I can't wait to embark on the next chapter of my multilingual journey. Stay tuned for more updates on my language learning endeavors!


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